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                News of Wingtech

                Wingtech Technology Formally Took-over Guangzhou Delta Image Tech



                On May 10th, the asset delivery ceremony between Wingtech Technology and Ofilm Group was held in Guangzhou. In the afternoon, Guangzhou Delta Image Technology Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated, marking that the business related to specific customers of Ofilm will officially take-over by Wingtech Technology.



                Mr. Wing Zhang, Chairman of Wingtech Technology, Mr. Yan Gao, CEO on rotation of Wingtech, Mr. Rongjun Cai, founder of Ofilm Group, and Mr. Wei Zhao, Chairman of Ofilm Group attended the ceremony. Gree Group Chairman Mr. Lewei Zhou, Huatai United Securities and other investments’ leaders attended the opening ceremony.



                Mr. Wing Zhang claimed that, the completion of delivery means Wingtech technology, which in existing semiconductor IDM and communications product integration, has opened up a new road of the optical on the basis of two major business. This new area further broaden the business landscape, promoted the implementation of the In - house strategy. Nevertheless, Wingtech is able to seize the opportunities of 5G, IoT, and Intelligent Electric Vehicle. It will bolster the long-term sustainable growth of company performance.



                Optical module is the main technical direction of smart phone, IoT, Intelligent Electric Vehicle and other fields in the future. High-end camera, dual-camera, triple-camera innovations bring a huge growing space. Delta's camera module is the most crucial and t valuable part in the mainland supply chain of specific customers. Which is so-called “the pearl on the crown” of the industrial chain.



                Chairman Mr. Wing Zhang stressed: "I am full of confidence that delta will make greater achievements in the future. Wingtech will support the development of Delta, and I will also personally serve as the chairman and CEO of Delta. We look forward to working with Delta colleagues to quickly complete the factory renovation, new factory construction and customer audit of new Delta, resume work and production. Let’s plan for a brighter future."