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                News of Wingtech

                Forbes Released 2021 Global 2000 List, Wingtech Technology Rose up to 1264th


                Recently, Forbes, the world's authoritative business magazine, released the list of the world's top 2000 listed companies in 2021. Wingtech Technology ranked 1264th with its steady development.


                Forbes Global 2000 lists the world's largest, most influential and most valuable companies annually based on sales, profits, assets and market capitalization. It is currently an authoritative ranking of the world's largest listed companies.

                In 2020, Wingtech ranked 1639th on its first time on the list. In 2021, Wingtech jumped 375 places up to rank 1264th, showing steady business strength and strong growth momentum.


                A record 395 companies from China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, made the list this year. "China's rapid recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic, a robust IPO market, and the rapid growth of technology companies set the stage for this year's results," Forbes said in a statement.

                As a global leading company in the semiconductor and communications industry, Wingtech Technology will increase its R&D investment and collaborative innovation in the semiconductor business and communication product integration business in 2020. Although affected by the global epidemic, it has made great progress in new customer development, new product development, industrial layout and other aspects, and achieved rapid growth in sales volume and net profit.

                In the semiconductor sector, Wingtech Technology has maintained rapid growth, and its revenue and profitability have recovered or exceeded the quarterly record levels of the past two years. With the rapid increase of the penetration rate of electric vehicles, the single-vehicle power semiconductor usage is expected to show a multiple level of improvement, bringing the rapid growth of the industry. Wingtech Technology's vehicle power semiconductor business is expected to enter the high growth stage in the medium and long term. Revenue from mobile and wearable devices, industrial and power applications is expected to be a new growth engine, as businesses such as semiconductor and communications product integration grow in synergy.


                In the field of communication product integration, Wingtech Technology has invested 2.15 billion CNY to plan for the future. The R&D centers in Shanghai, Xi 'an, Wuxi, Jiaxing and Shenzhen are continuously recruiting and introducing excellent talents, which has greatly alleviated the company's R&D pressure in the fields of tablet, laptop, IoT, server and automotive electronics. The construction of a 5G intelligent manufacturing industrial park in Kunming, Yunnan province, is coming to the final stage, while factories in Jiaxing and Wuxi are also expanding their production capacity to meet the needs of global customers.

                In addition to the steady development of its own business, Wingtech also recently acquired specific customer business of Ofilm, forming the whole industrial chain development pattern of semiconductor IDM, optical module and communication products integration.

                In the next three years, Wingtech Technology will grasp the third wave of semiconductor, based on the IDM capabilities of Nexperia, Wingtech communication product integration and FATP capabilities, and vigorously promote the implementation of the "In house" strategy, the layout of characteristic technology + advanced packaging + semiconductor equipment, high power MOSFET, analog IC, SiP and Mini /Micro LED, carry out semiconductor Turnkey and component innovation, upgrade ODM mode to a new mode featuring semiconductor Turnkey, provide customers with more competitive products, and realize the strategic transformation from a service company to a product company.