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                Wingtech Technology won the 2019 China’s Best Employer Award


                On the afternoon of December 19th , the 2019 China’s best employer award ceremony and China human capital international management forum was held in Shanghai,attended by business executives.Among the best companies,Wingtech has been awarded the " 2019 China’s Best Employer Award".



                "China's best employer of the year" is a grand event to find and select the best employers. It was jointly launched in 2005 by zhaopin.com, China's leading career development platform, and Peking University's social survey research center. The aim is to find out the industry trends of enterprise management and human resource management through professional and scientific investigation and selection from an independent and objective standpoint, and to gain insight into the changing needs of job seekers. At the same time for job seekers to provide a "good employer", "good job" effective reference.


                Wingtech Technology knows that developing soft power is the "hard principle" for enterprises to achieve steady development. Therefore, Wingtech Technology has always provided excellent development opportunities and generous welfare benefits for employees. The wave of 5G has come, andWingtech Technology will continue to innovate and self-iterate in the process of scientific and technological progress. Meanwhile, it is also urgent for more talents to join Wingtech, so as to achieve an all-round win-win situation of technology and talents.