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                Through Trials And Hardships We Create Greatness Wingtech Technology Won HMD Best Delivery Award


                On January 15, 2021, Wingtech Technology won the HMD best delivery award. The award aims to recognize Wingtech's outstanding performance in project cooperation between the two sides, and is another witness of the win-win cooperation between both companies.


                In 2018, Wingtech won the first ODM project of HMD (Nokia). Since then, this mobile phone brand born on the Bank of Nokia has become closely linked with Wingtech. Today, the cooperation between the two sides has entered its third year.

                Since 2018, with the close cooperation of both sides, the project shipment has increased year by year and achieved good results. In 2020, we will work together to overcome the difficulties, overcome the impact of the epidemic, industry shortage and other adverse factors, and successfully achieve the shipping target.


                After winning the award, Wingtech technology leaders expressed their gratitude to HMD and expressed their hope for the bright future of both sides: "thank HMD, for your recognition of Wingtech. I hope that in the future, we can accompany you and stand on the global stage to be the industry leaders together.

                Wingtech is pioneering in the 5G wave. Wingtech’s main business includes communications and semiconductors. We have formed a huge industry layout from chip design, wafer manufacturing, semiconductor assembly and test to communication terminals, laptop, IoT, smart hardware, automotive electronics products R&D and manufacturing. 

                In the future, Wingtech Technology will continue to adhere to the core concept of "Consensus, Harmony, Creation and Sharing", deliver more high-quality intelligent terminal products to partners including HMD, and join hands to leap the boundary to a new world, and continue to move forward on the road of creating great products.

                For press information, please contact:

                Kris Xu

                Email: PR@Wingtech.com