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                Media Coverage

                A Tribute to Wingtech Anti-Epidemic Heroes


                2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the face of the sudden COVID-19 epidemic, every one of us has been working hard in different positions. People have made an indelible contribution to the fight against the epidemic by sticking to the principle that no one is an "outsider" and nothing is a "foreign matter". The security guards strictly controlling the sites, taking our body temperature and distributed epidemic prevention supplies, the administration team patrolled at fixed points, our cleaners sprayed disinfectant, and the anti epidemic pioneers of various departments stuck to their positions. With the joint efforts of all of you, we have achieved remarkable results: Xi'an, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiaxing, Wuxi, India, Indonesia and other places have completed the anti epidemic task of zero infection!


                Under the leadership of the epidemic prevention headquarters, Wingtech organized the "two factories and three offices epidemic prevention inspection team" to randomly check each office area every day to reduce the risk of epidemic. At the same time, Wingtech summarized the experience and achievements of epidemic prevention and formed a complete set of epidemic prevention summary data to share with Nexperia. Nexperia also established the epidemic prevention system in its Netherland headquarters, the front-end Fabs in Britain and Germany, as well as in Malaysia Back end assembly and test plants in Western Asia, Philippines and Dongguan. Therefore, we have achieved the epidemic prevention milestone of zero infection overseas, effectively ensuring the health and production safety of employees around the world, also ensured the strong growth of power semiconductor business in the second half of the year.





                During the epidemic period, the prevention work of COVID-19 in Wingtech was timely and properly handled, which was highly recognized by local governments. Xi'an, Shanghai and Shenzhen audited 100 high-risk cases and 286 low-risk cases, which effectively guaranteed the security of office environment for Wingtech personnel.








                Our remarkable achievements in anti epidemic cannot be separated from the protection of anti epidemic guards. At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country is still grim. We can't hold a grand commendation ceremony. We can only send the anti epidemic medal to each guard, with our heartful words:  Thanks, because of your efforts, we can work at ease. You are the guardian of Wingtech!






                We are still racing against the virus and the epidemic. We firmly believe that we can overcome it.





                Our guards are still moving forward, paying tribute to the anti epidemic guards and thanking all the "retrograde" heroes. Let's witness the highlight moment of 206 outstanding anti epidemic guards.


                For press information, please contact:

                Kris Xu

                Email: PR@Wingtech.com