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                News of Wingtech

                Wingtech Technology Announced SiP Product Strategy at the 5th China System Level Packaging Conference



                On May 21, 2021, SiP China Summer Summit was successfully held in Caohejing, Shanghai. The conference gathered 20 experts from the industry and upstream and downstream enterprises on the industrial chain. Wingtech Technology was invited to attend the meeting. Zhu Huawei, president of Wingtech Research Institute, delivered a speech to share the application of SiP technology in various products of Wingtech, and announced the strategic planning and grand layout of Wingtech Technology's SiP products.

                微信圖片_20210521113304 (1).jpg


                Zhu Huawei first introduced the latest development pattern and objective of Wingtech Technology to the guests. He said that after the successful acquisition of Nexperia and Delta, Wingtech Technology has formed a whole industrial chain development pattern of semiconductor IDM, optical module and communication products integration. On this basis, Wingtech will innovate its development model, provide customers with more competitive products, and realize the strategic transformation from a service-oriented company to a product company. Thus system level packaging (SiP) is an important part of the strategic transformation of Wingtech Technology.



                Zhu Huawei said that Wingtech Technology has a professional product development team, with rich experience in system design, strong software development capabilities and perfect market development and customer support system; on the other hand, Nexperia has more than 60 years of experience in semiconductor industry, professional semiconductor design, production, assembly and test capabilities, as well as great semiconductor quality control system. Wingtech and Nexperia's complementary advantages will bring huge synergies, integration of traditional production links, to achieve the leading SiP capabilities.


                Zhu Huawei introduced that Wingtech has made steady progress in the field of system-level packaging technology, and has acquired many capabilities such as SiP process development, FA, reliability testing, SiP packaging development, product design, project management and other abilities. On such basis, Wingtech has carried out the application of SiP technology in mobile phones, wearable devices, integration of heterogeneous and other fields, and further carried out the innovation and development of SiP in application scenarios with high reliability.


                Zhu Huawei is full of confidence in Wingtech Technology's practice and exploration in SiP process. He said that Wingtech would widely apply SiP process in multiple product fields, and continuously deepen the innovation brought by SiP process in various product forms and project management processes. "We're not just looking at SiP itself," he said. "We're looking at enabling products through the SiP process to significantly enhance the competitiveness of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wearables, servers and even automotive electronics. SiP will bring Wingtech products smaller size, larger battery, greater supply chain flexibility, as well as higher reliability, lower cost, higher power density and more product possibilities."



                The innovation spirit of "Leaping the boundary to a new world" has been written in Wingtech’s corporate DNA. SiP is an important part of Wingtech's strategic planning of innovative transformation. In the future, Wingtech Technology will grasp the third wave of semiconductor, based on the IDM capabilities of Nexperai and Wingtech’s communication product integration and FATP capabilities, and vigorously promote the implementation of the "In House" strategy, and vigorously promote the implementation of the "In house" strategy, the layout of unique technology + advanced packaging + semiconductor equipment, high power MOSFET, analog IC, SiP and Mini /Micro LED, carry out semiconductor Turnkey and component innovation, upgrade ODM mode to a new mode featuring semiconductor Turnkey, provide customers with more competitive products, and realize the strategic transformation from a service company to a product company.

                For press information, please contact:

                Kris Xu

                Email: PR@Wingtech.com