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                News of Wingtech

                Wingtech Launched Strongly Gaming Laptop


                On May 26, Wingtech Technology held a grand promotion conference of the new gaming product. The new gaming products on display this time integrate the latest high-performance game chip platform of Intel, and combine the latest innovation achievements, supply chain, component and whole machine manufacturing capabilities of Wingtech Technology and Nexperia, so as to present the best game experience for consumers.


                Wingtech Technology began its lay out of laptop in 2018. It has accumulated rich R&D and manufacturing experience on two different platforms of arm and x86 architecture, and achieved good sales results.


                Wingtech Technology's laptop design teams in Shanghai, Taipei and Wuxi R&D centers are constantly expanding, and can support more than 10 Parallel R&D projects at the same time; after continuous upgrading and transformation, Wuxi manufactory has passed the factory certification of many laptop customers, and its hardware facilities and quality management ability have reached the first-class level in the industry, which can meet the laptop manufacturing needs of global customers.


                Nexperia, a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology, is a global leader in analog, logic and power devices. It can provide high-quality analog and logic chips as well as power devices for the laptop business; All kinds of radio frequency, communication and circuit miniaturized SiP module products jointly launched by Wingtech and Nexperia also have great potential in the application of laptop industry.


                Zhang Xuezheng, chairman of Wingtech Technology, said: "at present, Wingtech is transforming from a service-oriented company into a product company. We have set up a product center, Academia Sinica, ark laboratory, Applied Research Institute and semiconductor research institute, and set up a business unit of laptop, focusing on laptop business as the company's strategic direction."


                Mr. Alan Wang, vice president of marketing of Intel group and general manager of China business, said at the conference: "Wingtech's innovation courage and determination are very touching to me, because there are very few ODM product definitions. Throughout the world, chips are still an important factor restricting the development of laptop. Wingtech's forward-looking efforts to develop semiconductor devices are likely to break the monopoly and achieve leapfrog iteration of the laptop industry. It is hoped that the rectification of the laptop industry will start again and rebuild China's technological ecosystem. "


                Wingtech Technology completed China's largest semiconductor acquisition in 2019 and successfully acquired Nexperia. In 2021, the company acquired the specific customer business of Ofilm, forming the development pattern of the whole industry chain of semiconductor IDM, optical module and communication product integration. The launch of game based products is an important part of Wingtech's transformation from a service company to a product company. We will focus on the synergy effect among the three businesses, increase investment, enhance innovation ability, enable the integration of components and systems, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the whole machine products, and provide customers with products that no one else can provide.